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Antarctic Experience

The Bookend Trust's Antarctic Experience is a fantastic opportunity for students and teachers to get up close and personal with our icy southern continent. They will tour four of Australia's major Antarctic research organisations, meet the people involved and for some participants and possibly experience an awesome flight across the mountains of Antarctica itself. The Antarctic Experience program inspires, educates and excites students about their future and their careers.

It is a collaboration between us and the Australian Antarctic Division, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, CSIRO and ACE-CRC.

The next program is running in November 2018 to coincide with the first overflights of Antarctica from the Hobart Airport. WooHoo! We're putting the full program and costs for students together now. To get information as soon as it's released publicly, click below and fill out an EOI form.

Feedback from Jelena Manuel, Feb 2018 student from Western Australia:

“Thank you very much David, Bookend Trust, Antarctic Flights and everyone at the AAD, IMAS and CSIRO who make trips like this incredible one possible. I learnt so much about Antarctica and the amount of information I gained from the few days prior to the flight was great, I just wanted to share it with everyone. Can you believe I met Dr Dana Bergstrom the first day in Hobart and toured the AAD, experienced a live video link with the researchers and scientists at Casey Station, met Dr Nick Gales, the director of the AAD, stood on top of Mt Wellington, which was freezing! Walked around the parks which were beautifully green and laughed constantly. It was never a dull moment.

Then came they eye-boggling trip to Antarctica. Looking out the window to see the continent which was so bright and frozen, and to share the experience with my friends was a once in a lifetime opportunity. … Mountains, Glaciers, icebergs, reflections of the sun and water to produce a sparkling effect of the water, that glistened. The perfect setting created by the ice, the sun and the water produced a photo too perfect, it almost looked photoshopped. In the moment of viewing the ice beneath the aircraft, it felt really special to say that I have seen Antarctica with my own eyes.

 Thank you so much, Antarctica you were fantastic."


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