The Eagles

The eagles below are part of a research project by James Pay from UTAS. During the expedition in May 2018 we will be learning more about them as we criss-cross Tasmania in an effort to check in with them. We'll be adding more information to their profiles as we go. Please note: Approaching Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles on the nest - even from many hundreds of metres away - can lead to breeding failure. James and his colleagues are doing formally permitted research into eagle conservation. This provided them with a rare opportunity to approach a small number of nests, using low risk procedures.


Wanda was the first wedge-tailed eagle to be tracked in Tasmania. She hatched in... READ MORE >


Walden was the first eagle to leave his parents’ territory. He likes staying... READ MORE >


Winifred kept visiting her nest longer than any of the other eagles. She likes to... READ MORE >


Woldja likes to eat blue tongue lizards. She has a beautiful ginger head. READ MORE >


Wollowra still lives with his parents a year after fledging his nest. He has a very... READ MORE >


William still lives with his parents a year after fledging his nest. He likes to eat... READ MORE >


Emma has a very calm temperament. Her nest is in a huge tree in the southern... READ MORE >


Ethan likes to smell fresh, his nest was lined with peppermint leaves! Flew... READ MORE >


Lots of mosquitos live in the forest below her nest. She was a feisty eaglet that... READ MORE >

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