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Hobart to the Cape

The first adventure learning program didn’t have a name, was relayed by a blog and only a handful of classrooms were part of it. The journey was from Hobart, Tasmania to Thursday Island, Queensland by sea kayak. It took over six months. From the last report: “It’s the end of the line, the top of Australia. Given my lack of paddling experience it’s been a surprisingly trouble free journey. Leaving the home-shores of Tasmania to cross Bass Strait was an early test. Reaching Sealers Cove on Wilson’s Prom was an understandable highlight. Bungled surf landings along Ninety Mile Beach and beyond were a sidelight, and losing hats (3), sunglasses (6+) and sponges were a lowlight. Sidling behind Fraser Island and then the Great Barrier Reef marked a change of situation.

Checking the swell and wind, and studying the maps for protected landings and camps became redundant. The south-easterly blew predictably as progress to Cooktown gained speed. Lingering in town for a few days I loaded up with oats, sultanas, earl grey tea-bags and thirty litres of water for the final push to the top. The landscape was captivating and the crocodiles frightening. The current and the wind pushed me around Cape York and I slapped the kayak gently, like you would to a good friend. Having met many wonderful people, travellers and locals alike, having seen a side of Australia from the edge, beautiful, scarred, dynamic, it was impossible to feel anything but happy. Maybe a little bit relieved too.”


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