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Extinction Matters BioBlitz

The Bookend Trust has partnered with councils around Tasmania since 2016, to help organise the unforgettable experience of a 30-hour Extinction Matters BioBlitz in Hobart, Latrobe, Kingborough and Don Reserve. This year we're heading back to Devonport City Council's turf at Kelcey Tier on 20th-21st October, to see what we can find. Everyone can get involved.

A BioBlitz is described as 'a festival of science in nature... fun, enjoyable and meaningful to the community, naturalists, scientists and organisations alike... a concerted effort to discover and record as many living things as possible within a set location over a limited time period'.

Find out more and register your interest via the links below! (note that the webpage is currently being updated)

Extinction Matters BioBlitzes web page >>

Extinction Matters BioBlitzes Facebook page >>

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