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Swag Family

To celebrate the ‘2019 Year of the Tandem Bicycle’ (not really but we need an excuse) the Hughes family are going on a big adventure. Andrew, Nicola, Hope and Wilfy (that’s us) are riding  right around Australia, and this epic jounney has a serious twist. 

This adventure has a seriously educational twist.

We need your help as we find out about the past, see the country as it is today and wonder how it might change in the future. Our big challenge is to explore the deep cultural history of Australia. On our two wheeled (three if you include the trailers) journey we’ll be meeting amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and inspiring Australians from across the wider community to hear and learn directly from them. It’s Adventure Learning and all schools are invited to join us. There will be LIVE reports each week with interviews and tales from the road, awesome student workbooks to support adventurous learners, forums for teachers and students, prizes and lots of surprises.

Where will this journey take us? What will we discover? Who will we meet?

What: A 10 000km real life and live Adventure Learning project for all primary and high schools anywhere in the world. Online and printable resources for classroom use.

When: The rubber hit the road in February 2019, and the adventure will continue all the way to December 2019.

Who: The Swag Family, schools, classroom teachers, home educators, and the amazing Australians we meet along the way.

Why: To motivate, support and extend students as they become adventurous learners... and it'll be fun.

What now: See our dedicated website and curriculum. Where are we now?

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