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Where? Where? Wedgie!

We are back again with our citizen science project - working towards this year's giant eagle survey in May 2023, Where? Where? Wedgie!  Where will we see wedge-tailed eagles in Tasmania this year? Are they increasing, or declining in number?  Students and teachers - and families and communities - can get involved. Let's start learning about these winged warriors of the sky...

The schools activities are available from the start of May. The best timing to run these is probably 15-25 May - the 2 weeks between this year's surveys, on 12-14 & 26-28 May. By then, you'll be able to check out this year's progress on the Results Map (link below; prior to 12 May this will show the results for 2022). But you can jump into the other resources on this website any time you like!

Sign up to Expedition Class and/or NatureTrackers to receive further updates: be the first to check out the updated teaching resources, with extra exciting new dimensions! You might also like to let your students' families know about the project. A practice survey with your class on school grounds may inspire some students to head on out with their families over one of the survey weekends, to contribute to the science.


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