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Antarctic Experience

Icy careers in the spotlight

Teachers and upper high school students can win a place and  join us for the 2016/2017 Antarctic Experience Program. The five day program, in partnership with the Australian Antarctic Division, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, ACE-CRC and the CSIRO, will take students behind the scenes to meet the researchers, and then into the sky to fly over Antarctica itself.

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Cirque 2 Sea

K-6 students we’re heading down river

Our major expedition in 2016 is to explore Tasmania’s Derwent River from mountain top right down to the sea. Primary school students will follow the adventure as a trickle turns into a torrent and we’ll explore water and landscape from walking boot to raft and kayak. Full lessons, in partnership with the Derwent Estuary Program, are now available and all Australian schools can connect with this watery adventure.

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Adventure + Learning

Online and on ground programs

We love science and environmental education so much that we share it with classrooms everywhere... like you’ve never experienced it before. Students engage with researchers and adventurers through Australian Curriculum aligned online lessons. Some will even end up on the ground in Fiji, the Tasmanian wilderness and flying over Antarctica.

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Claws On The Line

Special Science Excursions for NW Tassie

North West Tasmanian schools can get involved in an exciting series of field trips to survey for the elusive Central North Burrowing Crayfish. Dive into a muddy swamp with us and see what we can find. Schools everywhere can follow the excursion outcomes too.

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Sixteen Legs Education

Cave resources for schools

Sixteen Legs is a multi-faceted education, book, exhibition and documentary project by the Bookend Trust. Combining live expeditions, vast scientific knowledge and the excitement of delving underground we present this sample lesson. Find out about the books and lessons here.

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Fiji Power

Electrifying High School Students

Can you design a renewable energy system to keep the power going at a medical centre on a Fijian island? We need it to be reliable because it keeps vaccinations cold, and vaccinations save lives. If you’re a Year 9 or 10 student, complete the online assignment and you might be in the team that hit the ground to install the system in September and October. We have 4 places for students and a special teacher position to work with engineers and builders to make it happen.

LIVE reports from 25 Sep- 9 Oct >>

Past Expeditions

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